Saturday, December 26, 2009


2009 has come with so many ups and downs, but I'm super blessed to say that it's also been one of the most amazing years of my life!!

#1 March 7, 2009 I played a sold out show with the Instant Messagers at Slim's in San Francisco, CA... THAT SHIT WAS AMAZING!! The energy in the building was so crazy! My mom was there, my brother was there, a bunch of aunts, cuzins, friends, and other family all filled the crowd and it was both super dope, yet a little weird to see all of them there enjoying my performance so much. Thanks 4 that guys, really had a good time that night.

#2 April 1, 2009... April fools!! ha, as many of you may know, but April 1st is also a very special day for another reason. My brother from another mother, Tyler of the band 2am Club, was born on that day many years ago, and myself, along with a bunch of members of the L7 Dummy Crew went to New York to help him and the band celebrate and had an outlandishly amazing time! There were laughs, drinks, and I also manage to randomly have a 32 hr love affair with a beautiful Puerto Rican girl who really made me consider settling down on the east coast!! haha jk... kinda, ha anyways there's a video on my face-book, it's about 18 mins long but it's worth it, check it out!!

#3 July (couple weeks) 2009 DJ RUSHY THE KANGAROO came to the States!! Rush and I had some really good times while he was here visiting/working in Hollywood. Whether we were eating... All of the photo shoots that we did for Spader look amazing and girls hit me up on myspace all the time and tell me how sexy I look in Spader haha. Seriously, and to them I again say, "Thank You darling" ; )

#4 September 3 & 4, 2009 I shot my 1st official video for my new single "Nightime" that will be featured on my upcoming FREE album "Nightime Sunshine" which is available for free download on January 14, 2010!! go to or check the Spader blog for the download link. Ha sorry, had to plug the album rite quick ha. Anyways, the experience of doing a big budget video with an amazing crew was insane and I will forever be in debt to the director Justin Tipping and Red Apple Productions for making that shit possible

#5 September 5, 2009 L7 Dummy Crew in VEGAS!! This was one of the biggest, best, and funniest vacations I've ever been on! VIP Bottle Service, Exclusive Pool Parties, Limo rides with too many... yes TOO MANY GIRLS!! T, Cal, J-Rod, Hollywood Jo, O, Nez, and Ni.... Don't even trip, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! L7

#5 1/2 Only Young Murph can have 5 1/2 Top 5 Spader Moments of 2009 because well...... I'm the Top Spader!! haha

Anyways, my last memorable moment of this year was opening for my guys 2am Club in New York City on December 8, 2009 at the Mercury Lounge. The Show was out of this world! I was main support for the band, who by the way of course KILLED IT that night, and right before my last song of the night while I was dripping sweat and a girl in the front row and JUST previously asked me for the shirt I was wearing, I tripped during the time I had EEEEVVVEEERRRRYYYOOOONNNNNEEEE in the crowd jumping up and down as high as they could. It didn't start well for me because I fell off of the stage right into the arms of all of the pretty ladies in the front row and they somehow thought it was a stage dive and totally caught me!! hahaha, it was CRAAAZZZYYYY!! haha, they all ditched their beers all over each other, and as they were dripping wet, helped throw me back on stage rite before I was supposed to start singing!! Everybody after the show was like, "OMG that stage dive was amazing!!" hahaha, well... If that's not the ultimate Spader moment of the year.... I don't know what is.



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