Thursday, February 4, 2010

E’senk, Winner of Fashion Debut at Fashion Exposed. Sydney 2010 - Best Apparel Label

Congratulations to Elissa Brunato for her label e’senk who just recently won Fashion Debut at Fashion Exposed, Sydney 2010 – for Best Apparel Label. Check out the link below She now plans to study at central Saint Martin’s Design College in London before officially launching the sales of e’senk in February 2011.

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What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
Can’t remember but I guess it’s all falling into place

What are you doing now in your life?
Living, making the dream come alive. Job hunting, building up contacts and experience. Launching my label, e’senk and getting the collection ready for Fashion Exposed in Sydney. Website in development. Travel on the horizon, London in sights.

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving the fashion industry?
Remember where you came from and don’t get too big for your boots.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
From the way I see the world, my experiences, from memories and my imagination of what’s to come. Working with fabrics; hand dying and printing cloth to create something unique is generally where it all starts.

Describe your style to us?
My personal style is whatever I feel like putting on in the morning, comfortable and natural. I don’t like to push to be something I’m not. I don’t care for trends. E’senk reflects this; if you’re absolutely comfortable in what you’re wearing you’ll be the sexiest girl in the room. It’s classy, sexy and contemporary. It’s more about the personality, the fabrics and the details.

Describe your outfit when you go out?
I always like to dress up when I go out. I like to mix it up, have fun with fashion! Throw on some good heels and get my boogie on

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
Anything from the 60’s or seventies 70s (minus the flares)

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
My mum for being the trendiest teenager alive, my brother for his hard work and dedication, friends for keeping it real. And those that have made it big through hard work and passion.

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
I am :)


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