Thursday, April 30, 2009


Not many photographers can say they have pointed their lens into the jaws of a lion, or balanced on the edge of a precipice with a 500ft drop below. But when it comes to getting the perfect shot, Adam McGrath has been known to go to extraordinary lengths.

Adam has more than 20 years experience in the print and pre-press industry. So not only will he go out of his way to capture the perfect shot, he can then apply his expert design and re-touching skills to transform images into something completely amazing.
As you can see, the results speak for themselves.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?

A truck driver or a marine biologist

What are you doing now in your life?
Working hard to build my photography business and equally as hard
building my dream house out in the country

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving in the entertainment industry?
Stay true

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
You guys

Describe your style to us?

Simple and honest

Describe your outfit when you go out?
Jeans and a Spader T

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?

Anything from the 80's is always good for a laugh

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
Everyone that is passionate about what they do

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
Lance Armstrong

Contact Adam at:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We found this place recently, when visiting one of our favourite sites It's an incredible project and looks amazing - take a look at the pics below. Source:

Monday, April 27, 2009


The 2AM Club getting busy in there New York Studio. The debut album from the boys is almost here! Stay tuned to there exclusive Spader blogs for regular updates.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


If you would like to learn more about the 3 directors who started up Spader Clothing then pick up today's Canberra Times Newspaper (Relax Magazine Inside) & check out the one page feature. The article discusses the trios plans for the future, influences, which celebrities would look good in the gear + how they decked out Jay-Z in exclusive Spader clothing for his European tour!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Local Canberra Spaders - The Aston Shuffle (Mikah Freeman & Vance Musgrove) are a DJ duo who have built a strong reputation nationally and internationally for rocking shows and producing some of the freshest dance music to hit your mp3 players. To find out where these 2 Spaders are spinning next hit there website link below.


1. N.A.S.A feat Kanye West & Santogold - Gifted (Aston Shuffle Remix)

2. Grafton Primary - All Stars (Aston Shuffle Remix)

3. Aston Shuffle - Do You Want More

4. Tiga - Shoes (Mr Ozio Remix)

5. Pocket Piano - (Brodinski) - Dj Mehdi - XXX


Friday, April 24, 2009


You may remember Jordan Loukas who came third in Australia's Next top Model T.V series. Since then, Loukas has appeared in an Impulse commercial, advertising 'New York Sass', She has had an eight page spread in Dolly Magazine, made a guest appearance at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, made various appearances on the red carpet and is now with Mark Byrne Management. Jordan is currently the entertainment reporter for nine msn the celebrity and music portal ‘The FIX’, interviewing household names, such as Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Metro Station, Jess Mauboy, Axle Whitehead, The Living End and Ashley Tilsdale, to name a few. Let’s see what see had to say to the Spader team.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
When I was younger I always wanted to be a cartoon character lol, it’s a bit quirky but whatever, like aerial from the little mermaid.

What are you doing now in your life?
At the moment I am a video presenter for the Fix, which basically means I interview celebs and do blogs and stuff. I recently did a lil part in an Aussie indy film and id really like to move into radio.

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving in the entertainment industry?

The best advice I have ever gotten about surviving the entertainment business is always keep your head on and don’t get into the partying too much because it can suck you in plus believe in yourself because a lot of the time it is quite HARD too.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration comes from like old school rock n roll movies like grease, I love bomber jackets leather jackets really tight jeans and big heels - I love big hair.

Describe your style to us?

A lot of my fashion is rock n roll inspired, I always mix it up with big tees and tights, I like to rough up pretty dresses with leather jackets.

Describe your outfit when you go out?

Usually when I go out I wear a short tie dyed dress, black stockings, knee high socks and a tailored blazer.

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
Reebok Pumps

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
Eva Herzigova – Super Model

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?

I think my mum is the ultimate Spader, she is really cool but she doesn’t try and she’s still hot, go mum!

You can catch Jordan doing celebrity interviews on: – search for Jordan Loukas.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Jorge Peniche


Sneaker Freaker Issue 15 is just over a week away from releasing, so we thought we'd give all you good peeps an exclusive sneak peek into the limited edition GLOW IN THE DARK cover!
Yes, it really does GLOW, so no need for your bedside lamp when reading this one!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Spader fans, we found this recently on website and thought it would make a great Spader office. The project is underway in China, and we think it looks pretty amazing.

Take a look at the pics below!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Even though Tittsworth is busy touring the world DJing at the hottest clubs and festivals, he had to let his Spader fans know what jams he is feeling right now.

1. blaqstarr - get off (jackbeats remix)

2. tie: ghetto pass - nadastrom / gantman - juke dat (nadastrom rmx)

3. villanord - muzik (bingo players remix)

4. la roux - in for the kill (hostage remix)

5. retro kidz - new era (kill the noise remix)


Monday, April 20, 2009


Omar Musa, 2008 Australian Poetry Slam champion, is not your traditional rapper. Many rappers brag about dodging bullets in the ‘hood', but it is rare to meet one that has swum with piranhas and alligators in Bolivia or taught Aboriginal children in outback Australia. The Malaysian-Australian baritone has backpacked almost every continent and has a treasure trove of stories to tell. Raised in the orange flat bricks of Queanbeyan, NSW, the 25 year old wants to “introduce a new level of poetry to Australian hip-hop.”

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
An actor. I would stay up and watch the Oscars and dream that one day I would win one. Somehow hip-hop found me and the road changed.

What are you doing now in your life?
I just won the Australian Poetry Slam and released my first record, The Massive EP, which I wrote in London and recorded in the States. I have shows at the Opera House coming up, as well as in Indonesia and Singapore. Basically I’m grinding away trying to make people realise I’m the best new rapper in Australia.

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving in the entertainment industry?
That even if you are the most talented person ever, it means nothing unless you work really, REALLY hard, especially during the rough times. Believe in your art. Most of all, instead of talking about doing something, go out and actually do it!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Mostly from the countries and cities I travel to. When I was living in London, I loved browsing through markets and little shops for cool scarves, embroidered jeans or jewellery. I just got this woven lilac and silver scarf from Iran which is RAD.

Describe your style to us?

Describe your outfit when you go out?
I like simplicity and comfort. I hate it when people go over the top, like those lame jeans with rips and paint and patches all over them. Jeans, blazer and a graphic tee usually do the trick for me. Brands I’m into at the moment are Maharishi, Giaroye, OBEY and TRUE clothing. And Spader of course.

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
Do snap bands count as clothing? Haha. This doesn’t really answer the question, but if I could, I would make it ok for men to wear sarongs as a fashion item. Sarongs are sick.

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
My mates the 2am Club. I’ve seen them go from being a dirt broke band in L.A. doing open mics at laundrettes to being about to blow up in the hardest market in the world. Really inspiring. This sounds funny, but sometimes you forget that it’s actually real people that accomplish big things! It makes me realise that I can do it too.

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
Kanye, Rakim, Lil Wayne, Michael Ondaatje, Ben Okri, Ben Tour, Geoff Stanfield, me. Haha. Basically, anyone who is insanely creative and works really hard on their art.

Omar Musa has just released a new mixtape called 'The Massive Mixtape'. To get your free copy download the link here:


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Nachopop was caught wearing his Turquoise 'Big Spade' tee on Australia's - So You Think You Can Dance. Below are some images & video footage of him rocking the tee.


Here are some more images from our latest photo shoot. If you would like to make any orders or view the catalogue please email:


Saturday, April 18, 2009


Saint Mary's sophomore guard Patrick Spader Mills entered his name into the NBA's June draft on Friday but will not hire an agent.

By not hiring an agent, Mills leaves open the possibility of returning for his junior season and has until June 15 to withdraw his name from consideration.

Mills was the Gaels' leading scorer last season at 18.4 points per game while averaging 3.9 assists and 2.2 steals, helping the team reach the NIT quarterfinals and a team-record 28 wins.

Mills' 950 points are the most by any Saint Mary's player over his first two seasons. He set a school freshman record with 472 points in 2007-08, leading the program to an NCAA Tournament berth.


Friday, April 17, 2009


The wait is almost over - Spader Hoodies out in May!!! Below are 3 images to give you an insight on the winter range. 5 colours for men & women will be available in the hoodies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yo sons, (I'm in new york)

Our time in New York is winding down, the light at the end of Album Tunnel is approaching, the completion is in sight. It took a while but we finally got in an amazing groove with our producers and have just about one more month to go. We've been working with Sam and Sluggo (BLG, Metro Station, GYM Class etc) and in our working have found that common ground that allows us to make our best music possible. In the beginning I think they got that call from our label before anyone really knew who we were, our label knew Sam and Dave killed it with the Metro Station record and wanted us to sound something similar. Everyone had heard FLASHING ROOM and WORRY ABOUT YOU and we were already in a box. Well, you can't ever disguise your true self for too long, I think through our writing out here and interaction with everyone they all get us now....the new songs are 100% 2AM CLUB.

We've also finally decided on booking agents, we will be represented by agents with major clout throughout the world. I used to send off emails to booking agencies when we were in LA, it's a good feeling finally getting there. So yeah...album will be done soon, touring through the summer...I can't even begin to explain how excited we are to get back on the road and do what we love. Our cohesion as a band has gotten much better, we're making progress everyday.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Spader coffee in Ray Cafe on Victoria Street in Brunswick, Melbourne.
Great coffee and an awesome feed. If you're ever down that way, check it out. Great little cafe. Thanks for the Spader coffee!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For all you hardcore sneaker or Jay-Z fans you will well and truly know who Clark Kent is. CK is one of the industry's hottest music producers and DJ superstars. Having worked with the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., Rakim, Slick Rick and The Fugees, he is credited for breaking Jay-Z into the music industry – now that is a Spader!

Clark Kent is also a shoe designer and collector - the man has a reputation for
owning one of the biggest and best Air Force one collections in the sneaker industry. With such a legendary reputation it was only right that the Spader team sat down and talked music + fashion before Clark Kent jumped into a shoe box and turned into the Sneaker Superman.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
I'm from Brooklyn, we don't sleep, so we don't DREAM.. We JUST DO IT !! I started DJ'ing when I was 9 years old. At 10, I decided that was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I also played football from 7 to 17yrs. old. I believed I would play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers. (when I got water on both of my knees, that went out the window). The music kept me !!!

What are you doing now in your life?
I am a Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, DJ, Music Producer, Artist Manager, Sneaker Aficionado, and Brand Consultant. (Whew!! I got a lot going on!!)

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving in the entertainment industry?
Stay TRUE to your passion. (DJ Larry Levan) STUDY MUSIC, UNDERSTAND MUSIC, BECOME MUSIC, & LOVE THE MUSIC (DJ Timmy Regisford).

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
My fashion inspiration comes from the desire to be FRESH. (That dwells deep in my soul !!!)

Describe your style to us?
My style is "Addicted To FRESH"

Describe your outfit when you go out?
Perfectly coordinated, Extremely FRESH. And, I always start from the bottom and go up. THE Sneakers are the Genesis of every outfit!!

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
Original North Beach Leather HOBO Jackets. (Perfect)

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
GOD, Mildred O. Brown (My Grandmother), President Barack Hussein Obama, El Haj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X), Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Min. Louis Farrakahn (That's just a start, I am inspired by great minds).

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
GOD. With his SON running a VERY close second!!!
May everybody stay Blessed & Highly Favored!!!!
Thank you!!!!

Fore more on DJ Clark Kent check out this below interview.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Jorge Peniche is one of the most exciting and promising photographers coming out of LA right now. At just 21 years of age, JP (as known by his mates) has already photographed numerous celebrities, models and worked with magazines all over the world. He is making a major impact on the scene with his fresh and diverse photos + his friendly Spader attitude. Each week on the Spader blog we will bring you Jorge Peniche's photo of the week! To kick things off we have a photo of Oakland rapper - Clyde Carson.

CLYDE CARSON (Los Angeles, CA)


Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's spring time in California which means Young Murph can finally break out his Spader singlets. He was caught wearing his turquoise inline the other day.


Friday, April 10, 2009


The Spader team would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe easter. Enjoy the break and try not to spill too many chocolate eggs on your tees.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We are pleased to be releasing the Australasian remix of "Spader Wear" by The Regiment (USA) ft Ru.CL (OZ), Spit Syndicate (OZ) & David Dallas (NZ). The track is free to Download & you're more than welcome to pass it onto all your mates. Let us know what you think !

The Regiment ft Ru.CL, Spit Syndicate & David Dallas "Spader Wear"

Here is the link: