Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yo sons, (I'm in new york)

Our time in New York is winding down, the light at the end of Album Tunnel is approaching, the completion is in sight. It took a while but we finally got in an amazing groove with our producers and have just about one more month to go. We've been working with Sam and Sluggo (BLG, Metro Station, GYM Class etc) and in our working have found that common ground that allows us to make our best music possible. In the beginning I think they got that call from our label before anyone really knew who we were, our label knew Sam and Dave killed it with the Metro Station record and wanted us to sound something similar. Everyone had heard FLASHING ROOM and WORRY ABOUT YOU and we were already in a box. Well, you can't ever disguise your true self for too long, I think through our writing out here and interaction with everyone they all get us now....the new songs are 100% 2AM CLUB.

We've also finally decided on booking agents, we will be represented by agents with major clout throughout the world. I used to send off emails to booking agencies when we were in LA, it's a good feeling finally getting there. So yeah...album will be done soon, touring through the summer...I can't even begin to explain how excited we are to get back on the road and do what we love. Our cohesion as a band has gotten much better, we're making progress everyday.


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