Friday, March 12, 2010


Canberra Raiders rugby league star and New Zealand world cup champion Bronson Harrison, took some time out yesterday with the Spader team for a photo shoot! Even though Bronson is a lot more familiar with the football field, he was very comfortable in front of the camera and took some great photos! We had a lot of fun trotting around the city in Canberra (over 4 hours) snapping away the latest spader collection. A big thank you to Bronson and we wish him and the Raiders all the best for their opening game this weekend. All of the below t-shirts are avaible from our website.


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aaron thompson said...

bahahahahahahahahaha wohooo! where do you get all these models from ay! bronson harrison spader on day ck the next! top work boys loving it! whens the hoodies coming out?