Thursday, April 29, 2010


Spader World,

Hello my friends, summer is approaching in the states and our Album is finally on the way!!! After almost two years of writing and recording and touring, "What did you think was going to happen" will be released on JULY 27TH. We finally will give our music to the world, 11 songs with all the blood, sweat and tears you need to get you through a hot summer, and a cold winter. In anticipation for the record we have also released (yesterday!!!) our first single "WORRY ABOUT YOU" on ITUNES which you can get at We're doing our video shoot on May 6th in LA with director John Pina who has done videos for Asher Roth, Common, and John Legend, to name a few.

As of late we have been traveling non-stop, calling our trustee white van home, and staying in random hotels throughout the east coast. The time moves faster then i can grasp the better we get, the more people realize our music. These past few months we have played shows all over the states, festivals in Texas and Utah, Lexington Kentucky to Montreal. And we know from here it only gets more intense, like a friend says though, you have to "ride that motherfucker to the ground!!!"

LETS DO IT. 2AM CLUB 2010!!!

love yall

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