Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Album Release!! Checking in from the road.

Lying down in our silver sprinter van, Betty, as we traverse the barren Texas desert. Today's drive from Las Vegas to Ft. Worth Texas has been damn near 20 hours..aaahhh. 2AM Club is currently on tour with Mike Posner, our friend and label mate, as well as Far East Movement, Bad Rabbits, Steven Jerzak, and our brother from another, XV. This tour hits all the House of Blues venues across the states. We started last week in LA, on the day our record dropped, September 14th.

24 years I have been waiting for this moment, and here it is...a major tour, with a major label album circulating through the masses. Now that the music is finally out, it's on us. How much energy can we create, how inspiring can our shows get, how in touch with our fans can we be? We spent so much time focusing on getting our work available, now it must be in demand. These past two months, as radio play has picked up, (worry about you is cracking top 40) and MTV has been giving us more love, you start to notice the songs being sang back. The crowds belting with me, closing there eyes and singing the words as if they were their own. It's the most rewarding thing, I like feeling like I'm leading in a sing along, like our show is something we do with the audience and not just for them. Of course the road has it's downsides, food poison, and stale van air taking the cake at the moment. But really, where else could we be.

Everyone be sure to check out the debut album What Did You Think Was Going to Happen? On ITUNES and Amazon!! It's something special, I'm sure you'll agree.

Much love,


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