Thursday, December 18, 2008



The Spader team has been a big fan of 2AM Club's music since 2006 and is excited that lead singer Marc Griffin will bring you exclusive blogs, pictures and videos from the band on a regular basis.

This five piece group consisting of Marc (vocals), Matt (guitar), Tyler (vocals), Sauce (bass), Dave (keys) have been rocking shows from California to New York with their unique sound of hip hop, soul, rock and pop.

To give some history on the 2AM Club, Marc takes us back to North Hollywood in 2006 where it all began for these Spaders.

Marc reflects:

The house where it all started is not really a house, I mean.... it was home, but six guys sleeping on makeshift beds in a sea of empty 40's and spliff roaches hardly qualifies as a was base camp. It was starting out in one of the most gruelling, toiling, smog infested wastelands on earth - Los Angeles. We were in North Hollywood, the piercing florescent light of a used car lot illuminated the apartment at all hours of the night....we didn't sleep.

Everyone around us knew us for our music, it was infectious because it was honest. Matt was playing his guitar, I was singing, Pureric was drumming (on something), Nii was on shakers and bongos, and DJ Rush was nodding his head and taking pictures, that was us.....The Transfer.
We knew that as long as we played, good things would happen.......we were right.

The Transfer is now the 2AM CLUB, and LA is now NYC.... and the becoming a reality. This blog will be keeping you all updated on my travels and adventures with 2AM.

$XO Marc Griffin

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