Wednesday, December 24, 2008


What happens when you mix a gospel singer with a world champion boxer? Not only do you create one heck of a Spader, but a gifted singer/rapper known as Young Murph.

Hailing from East Oakland, California, Young Murph gained his vocal range from his mother, fight from his father and swagger from growing up in the notorious streets of Oakland. The Spader team and the rest of Australia were lucky enough to be dazzled by his live show, style, vibrant personality and love for kangaroos in January of 08 when he hit our shores. Keep an eye out for Young Murph’s debut album “4 The Record” that is produced by Cambo, in stores 09.

Young Murph:

YOOOOOO ! To all my Spader's out there, yes.... It's finally time for everyone to know. You can now wear clothing that directly reflects how you view yourself, and give others a good idea of how they should view you as well.

I go by the name of Young Murph and I am a true Spader – A rapper/singer who is known to be a trend setter in the fashion and music fields. Being a Spader consists of these great characteristics and more. My good friends at Spader Clothing asked me if I would personally give this blog an account on the lifestyle of one of East Oakland's finest Spaders. During this time I look forward to letting you in on some of the activities and movements that are made by a young Spader, who is thrust into the crazy music and entertainment industry.

So be on point, keep yourself updated, stay in touch, and keep it Spader


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