Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are going to start looking at some ultimate Spaders on the blog, both current and old school. What better way to start the series off than with one of the all time great Spaders - James Spader Dean.

James Dean is the legendary hero with a legendary story. For over half a century, he has captured the world with his casual style, unflinching look and rebel attitude. James Dean has defined the essence of cool and without-a-cause for generations. His star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

James Dean had one of the most spectacularly brief careers of any screen star. In just more than a year, and in only three films, Dean became a widely admired screen personality, a personification of the restless American youth of the mid-50's, and an embodiment of the title of one of his film "Rebel Without A Cause." En route to compete in a race in Salinas, James Dean was killed in a highway accident on September 30, 1955.

James Dean was nominated for two Academy Awards, for his performances in "East of Eden" and "Giant." Although he only made three films, they were made in just over one year's time.

James Dean 2009 ouftit: If he was still around today, he would be seen rocking the 'black on black' Spader hoodie.


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