Monday, January 25, 2010


It's the year of 10's so it's only right that we start the year off with the Jordan 10's. These were released in 1994-95 despite Jordan's absence from the NBA. The Air Jordan 10 featured a different shape than the previous Jordan shoes did. Apart from these soles the design was no real surprise and was overall very plain. Hatfield (the Jordan shoe designer) picked up a few design elements from previous models and you could see some obvious signs of influence from the Air Jordan 3's, the Air Jordan 5's and the Air Jordan 6's. About every Jordan 10 fan was pulling their hair out by the time that Nike released retro Jordan 10's. May 3, 2005 was the launch date which was about 10 years after they were last sold. The Jordan 10's were the oldest shoes to be retroed older than the Air Jordan 13's.


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