Saturday, February 5, 2011


Our boy E.L.K (Stencil artist) needs your support, here is a note from him.

Hi my name is Luke, I am a stencil artist, from Canberra.

I go by the name E.L.K, you can see more of my work and bio at

I recently was awarded the Australian Stencil art Prize for 2010.

I've been exhibiting my work tirelessly for the last few years all around the world, but I am now concentrating mainly on solo exhibitions. I have two solo shows coming up, one in Sydney at Oh really gallery (Newtown) opening on 3rd of march, one also in May in Melbourne at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy, come along if your free.

I would like to raise funds to help with creating a new body of work. The money will be used for materials, but mainly to cover the cost of living for 3 months of solid hibernation and production in June/July/August this year.

I will be doing a run of paper print stencils, one for each person that contributes. Also I will be giving artworks to larger donations, its a gift that keeps giving.


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