Thursday, February 5, 2009


What's up,

Man....things are getting serious out here everyone. Got our first final mixes back for "Flashing Room" and "Let me Down Easy." They are starting to be dangerously close, it's scary letting our babies (songs) become final final versions. Already working on two more tracks with Sam and Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Metro Station) and are in the works of putting a deal together to go to LA and record with Danja.
Working with Sam and Dave has been awesome, easy and bullshit, just making songs one piece at a time with no stress. It's funny that so far the higher in the game a prouder has been, the more relaxed and easy going they seem to be.

Anyways late night last night, Angels and vodka. I ended up arguing with Tyler over eggs and home fries at 440AM in this little dinner called Velselkas. That usually means the night was a winner. Everybody who is around NYC, we got a big show coming up at Pianos on the Lower East Side, March 6th 1130PM...check the flyer.


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Pierre said...

glad they're doing well, planning another mixtape with them on it, spader?