Monday, March 16, 2009



2AM CLUB's first official NYC show was a sellout.......a first for us. We were a little rusty (we haven't played in 4 months) but the energy was there and the crowd got down like always. It's a crazy transition getting back on the stage when you have been so introverted as a band creating music. We've been holed up in the studio and forgot how exciting and rewarding it is to play for our fans, it's always been the reason we do what we do.

We had a photo shoot a few days ago, it was our first official shoot ever fully stocked with clothing racks, shoes, jewelry, food, etc. It's funny how fast this all is starting to come, six months ago when we wanted to do a photo shoot we would find a friend buy a 24 pack of tecate and go find a cool place to take there is a call sheet, a staff, production assistants, managers, the whole nine. I'll get some pics up here from the shoot as soon as possible. Check out the new edition of 2AM TV on our website and under here.

Love and Good,

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