Friday, March 13, 2009


To get things under way with our Japanese architecture posts, we’ll start with a house found recently on website archdaily. The project, known as the floating roof house, is positioned at the bottom of a hill and, due to its seeming lack of walls, allows the slope to continue through the internal space of the house - All four walls can actually be fully opened up, hence the name ‘floating roof’.

The project is incredibly simple. All the walls slide open and shut on big steel runners, allowing the house to be fully opened and aired, a lot of the furniture is actually fixed and built into the house, and it has a very minimalist feel, which we like at Spader.

The minimalist simplicity also extends, or starts, with the use of materials – it doesn’t get much simpler than steel, concrete, timber and pebbles. You’ll also notice that there are no loud or bright colours, it’s simply the colours of the materials with a white roof, which really works.

Anyways, open the pictures up and see what you think.

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