Monday, July 19, 2010


Ellie Gonsalves is an extremely driven and determined Aussie girl, she is about to make the big move over to the US to pursue her life long goal of being the next Aussie Victoria's Secret Angel alongside names such as Miranda Kerr. We wanted to have a chat to this inspiring Spader before she hits the big time.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
When I was younger, I was a total tomboy growing up on acreage in rural Brisbane – I never wore dresses, pink or anything that was girly … Now I am a total girls girl who has a goal to be the next Aussie Victorias Secret Angel. Go figure! But I did always want to be an actress – I always wanted to be a BOND girl and that is still on my goal list for the future.

What are you doing now in your life?
I am an Australian/international model, I have been fortunate enough to have found my dream job from such an early age. After I finish up all of my projects and work lined up here in Aus - I am moving to LA with my amazingly supportive partner Ross Scutts at the end of the year to pursue my lifelong goal of becoming the next Aussie Victorias Secret Angel… To stay updated you can keep informed by reading my blog -

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving the modeling industry?
I have been given some great advice in my lifetime – It has been about not one but ALL aspects of my life.. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can BECOME it.” That quote has ALWAYS stuck with me and with having absolutely no doubt in my mind that I can achieve something, I can and I WILL! I think anyone has the possibility to achieve great things, you just have to believe you can do them.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from EVERYWHERE, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! But I think the majority of this inspiration comes from the people I surround myself with, the people who constantly support me, believe in me and what I want to achieve. No matter where I go, what I do, how successful I am – They will stand by me regardless.

Describe your style to us?
I believe as you get older you have a growing sense of who you are, what style, colors and types of clothing suit your personality and your figure the best. I am a very confident and very out there personality, so I like to wear clothing that best suits those traits… Think lots of bright colors and very WOW outfits.. Alex Perry nails what I look for in style…

Describe your clothing outfit when you go out?
When I go out I love to wear something that makes me HAPPY! When you wear something that you feel really confident in – Your personality really reflects that…

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
I have never really thought of something in particular that I have wanted to see brought back – But I do have this amazing jacket that looks like a polar bear, its so warm and looks so beautiful and luxurious! Faux fur of course – That old school glam, it is so beautiful.

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
A major influence in my life has been Aussie beauty and Victorias Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr. Her outlook on life has kept me motivated in my health and fitness and has driven me to succeed in whatever I set my mind to achieving. I am a firm believer in achieving ANYTHING you set your mind to. The people I surround myself have also been a group to very heavily influence me, my friends, family and partner. They have all contributed to making me the person I am today and surround me with a positive environment to go out and make my goals a reality.

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
We are all our OWN ‘ultimate spader’ in some way. I love to be myself, dress for myself, and someday be someone else’s “ultimate spader”… But I just love MKerrs style, she has such a fresh, girly and unique dress sense… I think it’s great to have someone to look up to that you want to be like and, in some way – follow in their footsteps of success…



Anne said...

what a beautiful, inspirational girl

Lucy said...

This girl is amazing - I constantly am reading her blog and following her success.... so inspirational. she will definetely be on the victoria secrets runway!