Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey everybody!
First off big up to Spader Clothing! yay! So exciting!
nothing like a little fashion and music ; ) haha
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Che'nelle, I'm an artist signed to Capitol Records, I've been there for three years! Wow time flies!

Anyway!! The past few months have been awesome, I was just in Barbados for the BMA's (music awards) which I felt was such a privilege to be at! I had a chance to collaborate with some of the artists there like Peter Ram who can turn the vibe up more then a notch, he's crazy! lol I love him.

I did a lot of travelling the past year going back and forth to Japan heaps because of the endorsement I did with a lingerie company called peach john. That lead to the release of my new song there called "First Love". I also went back to Malaysia and Australia of course, had to represent! lol

Just before the end of 08 I went to LA and linked up with a bunch of producers and writers - "Stereotypes" who produced 'Damage' for Danity Kane, they were awesome to work with, The Jackie Boys - fabulous writers and so were the - Woodworks whose done stuff for Joe and Jahiem. Colby O'donis wrote a smash hit for me called "Razor" which leaked out !! And I ain't mad haha.
Check it out!

If your wondering why it's called "Stranger" because that was the first version we did, but Akon decided to call it “Razor” so we changed it and took it to a whole new level. If u want to hear that go to my page: - add the song to your page ;) if u like it of course hahaa -

ALRITE! Its 2009 peoples! What’s ahead?? Well a lot! This year is the year! Collaborations, performances and of course more travelling. I'm planing to be constantly writing this year with writers and producers, getting into that new world of just creating and vibing & touring!! I've recently upgraded my equipment too so I'm excited! I'm sure there’s so much more that’s going be happening! ; ))

Keep the positivity up, live life to the fullest, stay productive, focus and treat people the way u want to be treated!!

Make sure you constantly check out what’s new with Spader and support because they got some fresh sh#% hahaha

Lots of love

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