Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Meet Nicole Blades who is our gorgeous Spader model from California. Her exotic looks that grace the camera are a mixture of Hawaiian/Irish/Chinese. Not only is she beautiful, Nicole is a very talented athlete starring in her softball & Volleyball teams. She is one girl you will be seeing a lot more of in the future as her modeling career has just started.

What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
When I was a kid, was not that long ago lol. Just turned 21. But I wanted to do everything. I wanted to be a Lawyer, Plastic Surgeon, Pro Softball player, and Model all at the same time. But Modeling has been my main dream though.

What are you doing now in your life?
Well it is the summer time and I am getting ready for my Youth Sports Camps that I run in my little town of Newman, California. Besides that, just trying to get my feet in the modeling world. Working out, doing shoots, spending time with family and friends, and trying to figure out where to continue my education.

What has been the best advice given to you to about surviving the modeling industry?
Don't give up!!! I am so lucky to have the support of my family and my close friends. I am constantly trying to get my name and my face out there. Its a grind. Everyday pushing yourself to not throw the towel in. Coming out on top is the only option.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration for modeling came from my childhood. Growing up with talent shows every holiday, performing hula when I was younger, to literally practicing my run way walk in my hall way with my sister and my cousins. My family saw something in in me from such a young age. They believe in me and it inspires me to do more, to be better.

Describe your style to us?
Ummmm.... Well It all depends on what mood I wake up in. I go from sneakers, boys cargo shorts and a baseball hat, to knee high moccasins and skirts, to stilettos and dresses. Sports were my life not to long ago, so I lived in my uniforms then basically. I am a huge goof ball, even when I don't mean to be. So even when I am dressed up its funny because when your not looking I am probably making a funny face or tripping on something. So my style is always different but always me.

Describe your clothing outfit when you go out?
Depends on the occasion. I love to get "Dolled up" when I go out to like get drinks or dinner with friends. Sexy dresses, killer heels, and the hair and make up on point. But if it is one of those nights where nothing feels right, jeans and a fitted T, maybe a hat. Its the mood thing.

What item of clothing would you like to see brought back?
Brought back? Well today's fashion is really based on the individual so I feel like you can really wear anything and get away with it. The 80's is in full force right now in some groups, and the 50's and 60's in others. I wear it all so nothing is in the past right now its all current.

Who is a person that has been an inspiration to you?
Everyone in my life right now in one way or another has been an inspiration to me. I could not pin point one person because I feel that it would not be fair to do that. From my family to friends, to the kids that I coach. I have learned from everyone and they inspire me to be well rounded and open to so many different things. Even the people that I don't speak to anymore I have learned something from.

Who is the ultimate Spader to you?
If I said myself would that be the wrong answer??? Just kidding, but I feel that I am a Spader. There are many people at fulfill the requirements to be a Spader, but I would say the first person that comes to mind that is not family would be my friend Charles Millian. Literally the definition of Spader. Fun, passionate driven, confident, and determined to help those around them better themselves and open doors. He has helped me so much. There are so many people around me right now that are the definition of Spader. I am really lucky.


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