Friday, September 11, 2009


Spader Nation,

My heart is broken, but my swagger is not. In the midst of this rock and roll lifestyle, a love is lost....but the show must go on. I would give you all the gruesome details but I'm selling them to Oprah's blog later this week....gotta stick to the biz for my Spaders

It's been quite a time since we last spoke. The record is finished, our first tour is in the works, And we have much business to attend to before we leave for the road. It's all a grind, day in day out but of course it's worth it. I know people are out there looking for their passion, we're living off it....pinch me.

Just spent a week with some the Spader team in NYC....the whole thing about Spading?'s not a game, these boys know how to party. We were stirring it up all over the big apple, making contacts and promoting the line and the bamd. The whole team gets stronger everyday, shout out to Young Murph, The Cataracs, Eugene Wiggydee, and the rest of the crew. The real way you make it in this business is being connected to like minded, driven people. That's what this movement is all about, people sharing their talents and growing together. We've been climbing since sunset blvd (the east side) now we gotta get back. Much much more to come....

One love


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