Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We all got swine flu. The day before we were to embark on our first real “tour” we go down with the tabloid endorsed hype illness.....never the less, time has begun to heal us and we are on our way. We left Ian (drummer) back at home to attend a doctors appointment on Monday, he will fly and meet us for our show in Minnesota and we will rock acoustic until then. New York is done for now...the lights are dimming behind us and the darkness of the midwest open road will be home for the next few.

We have attached a trailer to the back of the 12 passenger van giving us extra room to sprawl out. Everyone has laptops and ipods at work, I’ve been switching back and fourth between The Blueprint 3 and Donny Hathaway Live....godamn if you want to hear a live album that gives you goosebumps check that record out. We left NYC on a high note, playing a sold out show at SOB’s with Mike Posner and Big Sean. It was a hip hop show primarily, but we rocked it. I think true hip hop fans can always sense where 2AM CLUB comes from, they seem to understand it better then your average rock or pop audience. It’s like the Rock and Pop audience always wonders what the hip hop audience would think of the “soul singing...white boy rap thing,” the hip hop audience just takes the energy in more naturally. Life is good, the road is where we belong, as I write this we are surrounded by Iowa cornfields.....what a trip. Hope life is going well for all my Spaders out there....



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