Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey everyone.. sorry haven't updated as much as I should have, lol but yea lolll wanna know the latest!?? I just got back form a lil tour in Euroupe... I went to Barcelona, Antwerp in Belgium and Holland... What an experience.. People party there until the next morning and I mean late morning.. 8am? 9 am? hahaha ohh yea.. I had the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest clubs in Belgium called club NOXX. Anyone who ever goes to diamond city Antwerp in Belgium should definitely check that out ; )

Ok so here are my TOP 5 MOMENTS

1. performing at Noxx in Antwerp, Belgium in front of 1400 people.. it was an Asian event so it was remarkable. lol and soooo crazy that people would speak like 4 to 5 different languages including Chinese or Cantonese lol crazy.

2. The promoters took me to an amazing restaurant in Belgium called Tropicos.. it's a mexican/ brazillian restaurant.. amaaazinnnggggggggg cocktails... I'm telling u! lol you guys have to go if you are ever there ; )

3. On our way to Holland for the next show.. the scenery was quite beautiful... the Windmills tho.. it was alllll about the windmills.. so many of them and massive.. I have never seen that before.. lol and i guess Holland is known for their Windmills.. but alsooooo AMSTERDAM.. we stopped by and checked out the RED LIGHT DISTRICT!! omg..... soooooo sooo surreal.. I couldn't believe that there were literally windows n windows well more like window doors cos it was like glass doors and in each one stood a prostitute... all waiting for a client to come knock on the door and negotiate a price.. wow... I was amazed.. kids walk past that.... n i mean i guess it's so normal over there that it doesn't even matter how open they are about that.. so interesting.. and by the way.. when the girl gets a client.. they open the glass door n behind the curtain is a bed.. .. is like lil mini rooms behind the glass doors we see them in.. WOWWW!!

4. Barcelona was sooooo beautiful oh my goodness.. I want to go back just for a vacation one day... highlight of that trip was seeing my posters plastered on the light poles and walls.. mind you they also had that in Holland.. lol was so incredible, I felt like a superstar hahahah.. well.. I mean... anyways you can see in the pics.. wicked aye?

5. Lastly.. If you are into chocolate.. Belgium has insaneee pastries and chocolates... so delicious! melt in your mouth .. rich and just right awww wow it was soo good so so so good! ; ) Chocolates are a def must try and of course if you are into waffles.. There's a place called "Australian"!! which is where everyone gets a belgian waffle from and ice cream that has the most incredible texture it was bomb honestly, I was just laughing when I said I wanted belgian waffles and the best place for it is 'Australian" hahaha how hilarious...

Ok these are my top 5 moments.. Love u guys and I'll keep u posted on the next major event i do ; ) hehe

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