Friday, November 13, 2009


Sick of the office you work in? In need of inspiration when you have that deadline creeping up at work? Or just want to get in touch with nature? Then Spader has found the answer for you!
Bark Design Architects, a small Australian practice, have designed a studio for themselves that showcases their philosophy of design and provides a great space to work. The “workhouse”, an elevated steel, glass and plywood studio, “explores the notion of a mixed work / house typology.” The architects intended for the project to expresses lightness in its modular structural form, transparency, texture, and a seamless indoor to outdoor connection.

The architects carefully placed the building between two mature Brown Bloodwood eucalypt trees as a way to emphasize the relationship between the built and the natural. Perched atop four steel footings, the elevated building not only visually translates into a light “floating” project but also minimizes any disturbance to the natural ground line and the trees’ root systems.

The building can accommodate a design team of five to six people, a house for two people and a comfortable combination of both at times.


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