Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last week was a special moment for Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade and sneaker freaks with the Air Jordan shoe turning 25!! Can you believe the Jordan brand has been around for that long! Crazy isn't it! The reason for Dwayne Wade being photographed with MJ is another special moment for the Air Jordan brand, In the 25 years Jordan has been in the shoe game, no one besides him has ever been given the Air Jordan shoe to wear. Other athletes, such as Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, have gotten other Jordan/Jumpman sneaks, but not the centerpiece of the brand. Not the Air Jordan. This has to be one of the highlights of Dwayne Wades career.

The Spader team is loving the 25th Air Jordan kicks. Some of the designs in the past have been hit or miss but the 25 is looking right on the money from this image above. We can't wait to try on a pair and get a close look at the shoe. How do you Spaders feel about the new Air Jordan???


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