Tuesday, November 24, 2009


If your interested in contemporary culture be it- streetwear, kicks, photography, art, design, graffiti, tattoos, toys, video games, film, cars, skateboarding, bmx and of course music. Then you should be down with Acclaim Magazine! Andrew Montell, the founder and editor of Acclaim took some time out from his busy schedule to share his top 5 moments in 09 with the Spader world.


5. ACCLAIM issue 17: We were lucky enough to collaborate with Jeremyville for the cover of this issue. In my mind this issue marks a point where we really hit our groove, so to speak. The layout, content and especially the fusion of art and photography on the cover were all on point and helped to significantly lift the profile of ACCLAIM both locally and internationally.

4. Moving into the new ACCLAIM HQ: We were in workplace limbo for several months after moving out of our previous office. I worked from home for a while so it was great to move into such a dope office complete with balcony and BBQ!

3. A Decade In The Game: November 2009 marked 10 years of independent magazine publishing for me, from my first photocopied issue of Out4Fame to the current 18th issue of ACCLAIM.

2. Obama becoming president: While the biggest beneficiaries of this ‘change’ are citizens of the US, I think Obama’s world view will benefit all of us and hopefully bring an increase of peace.

1. The end of the Victorian Bushfires: My parents were surrounded by fire at one point and I lost contact with them. Seeing them alive and well a few days later was an emotional time that reminded me of what is really important in life.


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