Friday, May 15, 2009


Brothers and Sisters..

It's that time, we are getting nervously close to the completion of our debut record. We will probably finish tracking in the next two weeks and release the record in early fall (hopefully). The final stretch is a motherfucker, the studio is hectic trying to tie up loose ends, get mixes going, Dave is going crazy trying to layer the magic with his keys for 12 hours a day......IT DON'T STOP. These past six months have flew by quick then any i can remember, it's something about being so solely focused that increases the speed. It's like when you're playing a basketball game and you get in that zone....the time stops, and then it's up. Anyways big things poppin off this week, new fire, shows. It's all big.

Holler back my folks



May 18 - 10:00P - 2AM CLUB @ DC9 - Washington DC

May 20 - 10:00P - 2AM CLUB @ North Star Bar - Philadelphia, PA

June 4 - 9:00P - 2AM CLUB @ Union Hall - Brookyln, NY

June 5 - 9:00P - 2AM CLUB @ Club Hell - Providence, RI

June 6 - 9:00P - 2AM CLUB @ The Lily Pad - New Haven, CT

# If you're in the area or have people that are send em through.
new songs and myspace today or tomorrow:

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