Wednesday, May 13, 2009


SPADERS!! what the F%#@ is up everybody!! haha, sorry 4 the profanity, it's just been way too long since I've checked in with you guys. I've been on the road crazy 4 the last couple of weeks and all of the live shows have been amazing! Thanks to everyone up north in the Bay Area and Central Coast that came out to support, I hope yall had as much fun as I did! haha.

Anyways I'm posting up a video of me performing "Selfish". I hope everyone enjoys this clip and it makes you feel like you were there! I've been hitting the studio working with some amazing artists over the last couple of days and doing a lot of writing for some pretty big names in the industry.... Hopefully I have some really good news involving me getting a song placed on a major record.... 4 now keep it fresh and keep Spading, Spaders.


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